May/June 2024

May 9, 2024

May/June 2024

May / June 2024 Newsletter:


Red Carpet Spring Recital

Saturday, June 8th 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Grace Presbyterian Church

Open Mic Night

Saturday, July 20th

Atlas Coffee Event Center

Join us for a fun night of performances!

Spirit Week

July 21st - July 27th

Show off your creativity and spirit!

Kids Music Day

Saturday, August 10th

Explore instruments, enjoy games, listen to music!


Littleton School of Music loves hosting fun and exciting events in our community and is always looking for ways to give back. Do you have a suggestion for an event, live performance, or music activity? Call, text, or email us to let us know!


Check out our Social Media for more updates and local music events!

Photo Day Fun

Picture day at school is a great opportunity to have photos of your child throughout the years and reflect on how much they’ve grown and changed. But, with years of the same standard props and poses, these images can become monotonous. That’s why we offer Photo Day here, at Littleton School of Music! It’s a chance to capture more than just a hairstyle change as your Musician poses with their instrument, gives a stage-winning smile, and lets their personality shine bright!

In our most recent Photo Day, held this past April, we saw a fantastic turnout! Musicians showed up looking sharp, eager to showcase their skills. The enthusiasm in the School was contagious, and our professional photographers were there to capture every smile, every note, and every pose. Some were so excited that they joined right after their music lessons, eager to be a part of the fun. The result? A collection of incredible photos that reflect the energy and individuality of our students.

If you didn’t have a chance to join this round, we look forward to seeing you next time! We hold PhotoDay yearly, as a benefit to all enrolled students. We can't wait to see more of our amazing musicians and capture more unforgettable moments!

We also want to take this chance to say a big THANK YOU to all our Students and Families. We love holding events like these to showcase and honor everyone’s growth and commitment to music. In 2024, we were given the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence and it’s all because of the most important piece of our Schools : YOU! It’s a customer-voted award and we are so grateful for everyone who voted and consider us your go-to place for music. We can’t wait to see you at the Recital, Open MicNight, and all the other exciting events coming up! Thank you for being a part of our School.

Red Carpet Spring Recital

The Red Carpet Spring Recital is just around the corner! It's the perfect opportunity for our talented students to showcase their skills and hard work, and reflect on their growth. Whether you're a seasoned performer or it's your first time on stage, this event is a fantastic way to share your musical journey with family, friends, and fellow students. The date is fast approaching, and we've already seen an amazing response. But there are still a few open spots left— if you haven't signed up yet, now is the time!

Call, Text, Email, or talk with the front desk TODAY before spots are gone.

Preparing for a recital can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, so here are a few tips to help you get ready. First, practice consistently but in shorter sessions. This keeps you focused and avoids burnout.Second, consider recording yourself playing or singing to identify areas for improvement. This can be a great way to reflect and refine your technique, and build confidence! Finally, practice performing in front of a small audience—whether it's your family, friends, or even a group of stuffed animals. The more comfortable you are playing for others, the smoother your recital performance will be.

Remember, our recitals are not just about hitting the right notes - they're about expressing yourself, sharing your love of music, and connecting with the audience. So, don't stress about perfection. Instead, focus on enjoying the experience and sharing your passion with others.

Spots for the recital are filling up fast, and we would love for you to be part of this special event. If you're interested, be sure to sign up as soon as possible to secure your place. This is a great opportunity to gain performance experience, receive feedback from instructors, and celebrate your achievements with a supportive community.

We can't wait to see you shine on stage! If you have any questions or need additional tips on preparing for your recital, don't hesitate to reach out to your instructor or office staff. We are all here to help you succeed. See you at the recital!

MUSIC TIP OF THE MONTH : Explore Your Makeup Options

With summer right around the corner, we know your schedule is about to get even busier with trips, sports, and camps. So, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of all your scheduling and makeup options. It’s all easier than ever with your new Lesson Account!

Once logged in, there are so many options for you and your student! You are able to view all available days, times, and Teachers and even move yourself to a new lesson time as needed. You are also able to cancel a lesson, generate a private makeup credit, and schedule that time with your primary instructor - all from the comfort of your home or on the move!

Any week, you are able to attend your lesson virtually or in person so even if you’re traveling, you don’t have to miss out on time with your instructor. In the Summer of 2023, we had 6 international students who continued to take lessons virtually, passed Musical Ladder tests from afar, and didn’t miss a beat!

Our Instructors are ready to help make this a fun and exciting summer, full of growth and goals! Please reach out to the office staff, if you have any questions about setting up a makeup option.

Please welcome these NEW students who enrolled recently!

Kenzlee D.

Rose B.

Maxwell C.

Ethan M.

Heath M.

Josephine H.

Tommy M.

Dorothy L.

Silas F.

Jamie S.

Anabelle C.

Miles P.

Gabriel Z.

Molly M.


Thalia Z.

Diana M.

Evelyn P.

Antonio M.

Juliet T.

Jake L.

Olivia B.

Natalie H.

Presque H.

Nora U.

Coen V.


Calendars are booking fast and many teachers have sold out.If you need a schedule change, would like to inquire about upcoming openings, or would like to be added to the waiting list for a particular Teacher, day or time, please contact any one of our Office Staff Team and we would be happy to help!

Musical Ladder Mavens

At Littleton School of Music, we use the Musical Ladder System to help guide lessons, track progress, and give students a chance to earn awards! Every student who enrolls with us is automatically put on the Ladder, ready to start working towards goals and earning their prizes.Not sure where you or your student is at on the Ladder, or when the next test it? Reach out to a member of the Office Staff Team and we’ll be sure to gather your information and communicate with your instructor to have you feeling confident in your progress and ready to rock your next test!


Check out some of our recent Musical Ladder Mavens! We’re so proud of all the hard work and dedication our students put in and we can’t wait to see what Musical Goals you reach next!“Who’s reading their newsletter?”


Q : What is the music theory difference between a Major Chord and a Minor Chord?

Submit your answer to have a chance to win: $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD

Please call, text, or email a member of our Office Staff Team to submit your answer and be entered to win. It’s that easy - GOOD LUCK!

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*The winner of this contest is drawn at random from all submissions and announced in the next newsletter. Keep your eye out to see who won!

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